Valentines Mummies and Dead Fish

I think this is one of the more visually exciting works that Marc has done.  The inspiration is a fish tank.  Above is a comment about a dying fish that was floating in the tank "Maybe it needs babies.  Maybe it needs a daddy." It's a good representation of the subject tank, but the chaos and energy as well as the dimensions remind me of "Guernica."


Émile made up a joke on the Valentine's card he made for his class.  "What do you get when a polar bear chases you all over your yard at forty below?"  Inside the card is the answer: "The shivers."  Which is a reference to a Frog and Toad story.  The outside of the card is a sarcophagus. The inside shows the mummy it contains with a mummified cat on the facing page.



Another work by Marc.  He describes this as two portraits hanging on the wall next to each other.

Two Portraits
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