Preschool career planning

Last night Émile tells me that he wants to be a "super asiant."

Today at lab school: a conversation in the classroom recorded by the teacher:

Marc is hammering a nail.

Marc:  I am a real worker.

The nail starts to bend so he holds the nail with his left hand and continues to hammer.

Marc: See that's what real workers do. They hold it like this.  And when I grow up, I am going to build houses for everybody!

Chip: Yeah, and I'm going to be a shuttle bus driver.

Lucy: When I grow up I am going to marry Sally, 'cause she is my friend.

Katie: I'm going to marry Betty.  She has a dog named Ashley that doesn't bite, but her cat does bite.

Chip: I'm going to Marry Zaney-Baney.

Marc: I don't have to marry anyone. I am going to be a worker.

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