Fairbanks Neighborhoodies, a Hoody for Your Hood.

People in Interior Alaska are proud of the bedroom communities neighborhoods they live in. I originally saw the concept of a neighborhoody in an ad in the Portland Mercury, Portland's only quality periodical.  It occurred to me recently that folks from the Fairbanks area could go for something like this.

South Cushman Neighborhoody

There's actually a company devoted to neighborhoodies. Sadly, they don't  cover Fairbanks Neighborhoods. To fix this problem, I have created custom Fairbanks area neighborhoodies at cafepress.com.  Now you can represent, whether you're from the mean streets of South Cushman or a hard boiled son of the Lameta.  Below are the neighborhoodies I've set up.  I'm probably missing something important here, just let me know and I can add it.
I've seen people walking around town wearing apparel with the words "South Pole."  These people are clearly confused.  You can counteract their delusions with a North Pole Neighborhoody.

I'm not real clear on whether Cafe Press intends to try to give me a commission.  I don't think they will, because I haven't set up a "store front."  If they do try to give me money I'll donate it to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank.
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