Survived Another Equinox Marathon

It was a beautiful day, warm for the season and sunny.  Golden leaves drifted off the trees as they usually do.  Well sometimes they get torn from the trees by a fierce wind.  This year they drifted.

My Running Shirt after the Equinox Marathon

Garmin has the recording of my heart rate and GPS coordinates during the race. The equinox web site has official equinox marathon results as a PDF.

There were a lot of Japanese people in the race this year.  I wonder if they came with some kind of special marathon tour.  I was running at the same pace as one older gentlemen with really cool gear.  We kept leap frogging a woman dressed in a clown costume and they would offer each other encouragement in Japanese.

The best encouragement I received during the race was from the woman who passed me at about mile 22  saying something like "Ahhh, I finished an hour faster last year.  I need to get in shape." She finished seconds before me.

I barely ran at all this summer, so I'm ecstatic with my time.  I finished the race feeling pretty good too.  I think this confirms that I had been running the Equinox dehydrated for the last couple of years.  I had read an article about hyponatremia and got worried.  This year, with more research, I discovered that I don't fit the profile.  I made three stashes of one liter bottles.  The one at mile 20 made a huge difference.  I went from running 12 minute miles down hill to 10 minute miles a few minutes after finishing the bottle. Perhaps this also confirms that I tend not to taper well enough when I am training.

My recovery went very well.  Again I think this is because of the hydration.  After crossing the finish line, I drank a couple of cups of water and went home.  I did take a one hour nap, but that's less than I have slept in the past after the marathon.  That evening I stayed up at a party, didn't leave before most of the other guests, had two shots of vodka and a couple of cups of wine and ate a ton.  Aida had to be designated driver anyway because my legs were too sore to clutch, you see.

Aida casually asked me why I want to do the Equinox every year.  I said that it helps me feel young.  In the past I had said that it motivates me to stay in shape, but this year that answer would have been a little hollow since I haven't been running much.  The thought was bouncing around in my head around mile 7.  I had these images of nature shows where the dominate male (kangaroo perhaps?) is getting old, can no longer maintain his status, looses some physical competition and goes off to die.  The same thing happens to the lead wolf in on of the Jungle Book stories.  Akela misses his jump and fails to kill the stag and ... what's supposed to happen next?  The pack is supposed to kill him? I guess I'd better not scratch from an Equinox -- the stakes have been raised.
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