Short Notes on Marc's Day

While going through the archive of kid's artwork, I found several notes describing Marc's activities and use of language written by Michelle of Church Street Preschool:

* Opened doll house doors for Trae - took him under his "wing."
* Put on firefighter hat to put out fire in doll house.

* "Grapefruit" looking at a picture book.
* "Marc scored!" throwing ball into chute.
* "Take them like this" showing Trae how to take off his boots.

* Played chase with Ole outside.
* Asked for sunflowers to feed the "chickadeedeedee."
* Got dressed by himself!

* Told a very elaborate story for his rocket ship drawing.

* "Monster" after making scary face.
* Carefully picked up beans that he had spilled on the floor.  Put them in the trash one by one.
* "Almost there, Marc almost there" taking off snow clothes.

* "Rocket Ship" using plastic bottle funnel in sensory table.
* "Guess what..." then tells story.

* Drew and told me that "guys climb up up up there."
* "I want to check up there." pointing to cabinets looking for the pretend puck.
* "Nanooks on the power play."
* Responded to Trae's question.

* Built square block tower with Cora - counted "five, six, seven, eight, nine, almost gone."

* "Marc not knock that down," gesturing to Davina's elaborate block structure.
* Cleaned up train tracks when he was done - without being asked!!
* "That orange" wearing dress-up ski goggles.
* "Guess what?! Emile play hockey in the park and stick broke..." spoke for almost 4 minutes telling story.

* "Wanna sandwich?" brought pretend bread to Cora.
* "Marc opened the door" talking to Davina's princess at the doll house.
* "Emile had peanut butter sandwich in the car."
* "Marc got his snow boots on."

* "The fire works go down!"
* "Happy birthday to little foot." Picking up on Davina's game, he made a playdough birthday cake with candle.
* Proudly told Seth (boy) about his dressing accomplishments: "Marc pulled zipper up!"

* Marc scored 3 goals!" playing ball on cold morning.
* "Girl is sad," talking about the doll when she saw that the dollhouse was gone. "Has no house. House gone."
* Sang his own song:

"Coffee shop, Coffee shop,
Coffee shop, Coffee shop,
Coffee shop, Coffee shop,
Coffee shop, Can"

* "Marc not Marc is."

Telling my mom about Michelle's notes, she went and found a note she had made showing Marc's use of language when he was almost two.  Note that Hiyu (hi you) is Marc's nickname for my mom.


"Hiyu want to not light on."  Marc turned off the light, said goodbye and shut the door after I said I didn't want the light on, I wanted to sleep.


"Marc find Émile's hockey stick."
"Artusha, Émile play puzzle." (past)
"Marc take off socks."
"Marc cut Hiyu bread."
"Here,here, I found it!" (Laura wondered where piece of toy carrot was, from yesterday)
"Marc Found it!"
"Marc cut carrot."
"Marc cut piece pepper."
"Hiyu wanna play hockey?"
"Marc find Émile puck."
"Marc turn light on."
Singing: "Hit the road jack - come back no more, no more ..."


"Marc like Elmo."
"Marc see school bus." (past)
"Hiyu wanna play hockey?"
"Marc watch Papa do." (Papa is fixing light fixture)
"What are doing Papa?"


"I need a spoon."


Commented "water" on looking at picture of Seth & Émile on Oregon beach.  I said "That's the Ocean." Marc replied, "fish in the ocean."
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